We are happy and proud to announce that BAM, a project by the Fondazione Riccardo Catella, has won the 1st International Prize of the Dubai International Award for Sustainable Development, in the Urban Regeneration and Public Spaces category, during the Word Government Summit 2024.

The award was established in 1995 during the United Nations International Conference in Dubai and is now in its 13th edition.

The Prize aims to valorize initiatives that have had a positive impact on improving people’s quality of life by guiding the development of future cities. It is promoted by UNHABITAT, the United Nations program for socially and environmentally sustainable urbanization, and the Municipality of Dubai. Winning this award and being selected by the Dubai International Award jury among over 2600 applications from 144 countries is a great satisfaction!

The Biblioteca degli Alberi Park, the “green heart” of the urban regeneration project in the Portanuova district, developed and currently managed by COIMA, has increasingly asserted itself over the years as a model of sustainability and care for public green spaces, a virtuous model of public-private partnership, a project capable of involving all citizens with a rich cultural program, conceived and directed by Francesca Colombo, inspired by the UN’s SDGs.

This prestigious recognition crowns a long journey initiated by the Fondazione Riccardo Catella, led by Kelly Russell Catella, who for almost 20 years has been committed to spreading the culture of sustainability in territorial development and actively contributes to improving urban quality of life through projects enhancing public spaces and green areas.

This award identifies BAM as a best practice internationally and is an important recognition of the work and passion of the Fondazione RIccardo Catella/BAM team, all partners, and institutions, especially the Municipality of Milan, who in these first 5 years have allowed us to achieve such an important milestone.

“We are proud of this prestigious recognition that crowns a journey started almost 20 years ago, accrediting the BAM project in the Portanuova district as a best practice internationally. We continue our strategic objectives: promoting sustainability in the territory through investments with high environmental and social impact that can contribute to creating cohesive communities that feel responsible, involved, and leading actors in the development of open and inclusive cities” emphasizes Kelly Russell Catella, Head of Sustainability & Communications, COIMA, and General Director of the Fondazione Riccardo Catella

“It is an honor to be here in Dubai to receive an award that recognizes BAM as an international best practice, a public-private partnership capable of placing culture, community, and intergenerational well-being at the center of its strategy. An important recognition of the value and impact that BAM’s innovative cultural program has offered for five years with new perspectives on contemporary challenges through the language of art, and which strongly contributes to the construction of inclusive communities and Milan as a sustainable city. Nature and culture have been the assets on which, with the team of the Riccardo Catella Foundation, we have focused for the creation of social, environmental, and cultural impact” concludes Francesca Colombo, General Cultural Director of BAM – Fondazione Riccardo Catella